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The safest way to tell what size movie poster frame you need is to simply measure your poster. Below is a list of some of the most common size movie posters, you will find those size movie poster frames here on our site. If you don't see the size movie poster frame you need, no problem, just contact us and we will get back to you the same day with pricing.

The sizes listed on our site for the movie poster frames is the size of the poster you want to display, not the actual size of the frame. The actual frame size will be listed on the page of the frame in the description area. For example, let's say you measure your poster and it is size 27" x 40", just look for that size frame on our site. If the poster is a size you don't see, just e-mail us and we can custom cut any size you need. For example, if you measure your poster and it is 27.5 x 39.75, we can take care of that right away. We will send you a Paypal Invoice or you can pay with a credit card. If the frame is only off an inch from the listed size we will just have you go ahead and purchase the frame off of our site and we will make the necessary adjustments on our end.

Just because a poster is labeled something when you purchase it, does not mean it will be that size. You must measure it.

Reprints : Reprints of posters can be any size and printed on any paper, just because it is listed as 27" x 40" does not mean it is that size. (We do not sell reprints.)

1 sheet 27" X 40" Posters : printed on paper stock, is the standard poster used in U.S. theaters at this time (around 1985 to present.)

1 sheet 27" X 41" Posters : printed on paper stock, was the standard size poster prior to 1985. These posters were sent to the theaters folded.

British Quad 30" X 40" Posters: printed on heavier card stock and paper stock. Image same as 1-sheet. These posters are usually from Britain, which is why the posters are named: "British Quad Posters."

Half Sheet 22" X 28" Posters: Printed on heavier card stock, these posters date back to 1910 and were phased out in the 80's.

Insert 14" X 36" Posters: Printed on heavier card stock, these posters date back to 1910 and were phased out in the 80's.

3 Sheet 41" X 81" Posters: Printed on paper, these posters date back to 1912 and were phased out in the 80's.

6 sheet 81" X 81" Posters: Printed on paper.

Japanese B0 Posters: Size 40" x 80"

Japanese B1 Posters: Size 29" x 40"

Japanese B2 Posters: Size 20" x 29"

Japanese B3 Nakazuri Posters: Size 14" x 20"

Japanese B4 Posters: Size 10" x 29"

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More about our Movie Poster Frame service

Spotlight Displays was founded 2002 and has been selling movie poster frames to home theater enthusiasts, movie poster collectors and big corporate companies, all the way to movie producers in Hollywood and New York.

The quality of our frames is by far the best on the market. Here at Spotlight Displays, we are dedicated to making customers happy, and we will do what ever it takes to achieve that.

Spotlight Displays offers a Money back guarantee - If you are not completely satisfied with your movie poster frame, return it for a full refund within 10 days of receiving it. There is a 25% restocking fee on custom orders. Please take photos of the frames that were opened along with the overlays as we cannot accept returns or refund for frames that are damaged. Please measure your posters as we can not be responsible for, and can not accept returns or give refunds due to the wrong size ordered. If you order multiple frames, please only open one to see if you are happy with the frame as we can not accept or refund on multiple frame returns that have been opened and removed from the protective bubble wrap.

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